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Conference Microphones

Digital Discussion System BOSCH DCN-D

The NEW DCN-D Digital Discussion System from Bosch

Your meetings are always in good hands
The DCN-D Discussion Unit is an additional unit to the Digital Congress Network (DCN) Next Generation system by Bosch. It is suitable for use in everything from small discussion setups to more complex, multilingual meetings. As with all DCN Next Generation delegate units, unique design is combined with the renowned and intuitive Bosch user interface that allows users to relax and enjoy the speaking and listening experience. With DCN Next Generation and the new DCN-D Discussion Units, your meetings are always in good hands.

Elegant, slim design combined with the renowned Bosch user interface

Stylish and unique appearance
The DCN-D Discussion Unit has a stylish and unique appearance with a streamlined, modern design and elegant dark charcoal and silver matt finish. And for the perfect fit with the décor of all types of conference rooms, matching colored microphones (dark charcoal and silver white) are available.

- Unique slim design combined with the intuitive Bosch user interface
- Elegant, dark charcoal look suits any décor
- Superior sound quality optimized for speech
- Full range of voting facilities
- Immune to mobile phone interference

Design that encourages dialog
The design of a discussion unit plays a key role in how people interact with each other at meetings. It also has a vital function in creating an environment that encourages constructive dialog. Striking the right balance between aesthetic appeal and ergonomic efficiency, combined with its knowledge about intuitive interfacing, is what give Bosch an edge in helping delegates to focus completely on their speech while using the units. what’s more, enhanced acoustic and display technologies make it easy to hear and read exactly what is going on, so even new users feel at ease and in control. And that's good news for every conference, no matter what the topic.

With our superior interpreters, state of the art equipment, experience and knowledge, we have the capability of managing most languages.

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